Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina

Wyndham Worldwide initiated the Wyndham Green program because it fits the company’s

global commitment to corporate social responsibility and the environment. Wyndham Green is

not just about one or many green programs – it’s a way of living and working based on the

company’s vision and values. Wyndham Worldwide understands that its business activities

impact the earth, its resources and people’s lives. WHG will continue tapping into green

programs and green innovation ideas to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and

prevent pollution. In addition, WHG is adopting best practices and building a culture that

continuously strives to improve and sustain positive environmental results over time.

WHG will work globally and act locally by:

 Developing environmental programs, products and services

 Setting environmental impact targets and measuring performance of green programs

 Working with our associates, suppliers, owners and local communities to minimize our

environmental impact

 Complying with climate policies and environmental laws

Through various Wyndham Green programs, the main areas of focus include:

 Educate, influence and provide value to internal and external stakeholders.

 Reduce energy consumption and track performanc.

 Reduce water and energy usage and recycle.

 Improve air quality.

 Minimize waste by recycling and reusing materials.

 Use green innovation techniques to develop new programs, products and services that

promote sustainability.

 Participate in local community programs that contribute to the wellness of our


 Implement sustainable procurement practices.