Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina

Comprehensive Massages and Body Treatments


Using different techniques, our comprehensive holistic massages combine massage therapy movements to liberate muscular and emotional tensions, stimulating circulatory and lymphatic system, fostering a better blood oxygenation improving our usual energy flow.

Hot-stone Massage

Exploring Thermal therapy benefits, this massage stimulates circulatory system, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and helps eliminating toxins creating a seamless well-being feeling. For this massage, stones containing magneto, which has anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties, are used.

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Relieving Massage

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This massage includes long and intense movements, eliminating muscular pain, relieving tensions and producing a deep relaxing feeling.

Wellness anti-stress Massage

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It enables us to liberate toxins that produce different body-aches reaching a deep relaxing state.
It strengthens our energetic, immune, nerve, circulatory, respiratory systems reducing stress.

Massage for Couples

It is perfect to share with another person in the same room with a quiet and comfortable framework.
* You may choose among: Wellness Anti-stress, Relieving, Hot-stones or Reflexology.

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