Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina
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Turkish Sauna, popularly known as Wet Sauna, is a hot vapor bath, oscillating 131°F with a relative humidity around 100%.
Wyndham Nordelta wet sauna is located inside the hotel Spa.
Sauna detoxifies skin, purifies our body, opens are bronchial tubes, regulates blood pressure and improves cardiac and circulatory rhythm.

Wet Sauna Benefits

  • Improvements in sweat response: our hot body breathes to cool itself, training sweating glands and keeping sweat response functional to enable thermal regulation outside the sauna, especially during exercise and hot weather.
  • Eliminating toxins: It was known that using the sauna eliminated minerals from our body but its role to help us get rid of toxins was something unknown, until some tests were done and it was discovered that the amount of lead expulsed during a sauna session was impressive. It is true that positive minerals for our body are also eliminated when we sweat too much, therefore we should ensure its replacement with a healthy diet and not risking to loose liquids we need.
  • Pain relief: combining body heat, blood circulation improvement, endorphins emissions and stiff joints heating relieves pain and aches. A hot body is also less sensitive to pain.
  • Helps our sleep: relaxing our body and eliminating most of our aches, helps us to sleep better.
  • Cardiovascular function improvement: Japanese researchers say using the sauna can help people with congestive cardiac failures improve heart pumping and blood flow efficiency. This research used a temperate sauna, reaching the 140°F.
  • Improves breathing: Dutch researchers worried because using the sauna could produce breathing failures discovered exactly the opposite. They proved that obstructive pulmonary disease patients improved their lung functions temporarily.
  • Arthritis relieve: Sauna can reduce rheumatoid arthritis effects. Russian researchers discovered that sauna has a positive effect on our locomotive system and our psycho-emotional state besides easing arthritis pain.