Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina
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Finnish Sauna, popularly known as Dry Sauna, is a dry heat bath in a closed wooded room. Heat source is a volcanic stones stove, which is sprayed with water and essences.
Wyndham Nordelta dry sauna is located inside the hotel Spa.
Sauna has beneficial effects on our body when liberating toxins, through perspiration, which is abundant and quick, and activating blood circulation.

Dry Sauna Benefits

  • Eliminates toxins and increases innate immunity.
  • Opens pores and eliminates hard metals (lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, etc) from our body.
  • It also eliminates alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulphuric acid and fights cholesterol. However we also loose minerals but we can recover them with an isotonic beverage. You can loose up to 0,53 gallons of water eliminating toxins too.
  • Increases innate immunity and eliminates tumor cells and viruses.
  • Distressing. It liberates endorphins and, therefore, helps fighting insomnia and stress.
  • Improves cardiovascular function, dilating capillary vessels forcing our heart to pump harder to keep our blood pressure.
  • Improves breathing. It is proven that obstructive pulmonary disease patients temporarily improve their lung functions.
  • Improves arthritis. It has a positive effect on our locomotive system and our psycho-emotional state easing arthritis pain.
  • Generally helps: reducing cellulite and adiposities, sprains, neuralgias, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and bone-muscle pains in general.