Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina


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Millenary technique base don Chinese traditional medicine.
This foot massage stimulates nerve ends and energy channels of the body balancing the 5 elements (wood, soil, fire, metal and water). Pressing specific point you eliminate tension and pain.
** This treatment is focused on the whole foot.


It is a Japanese traditional technique consisting of pressing, manipulating and stretching different parts of the body to harmonize energy flow based on Oriental medicine and its meridian system diagnosis and treatment.
**This massage is done on a cotton futon on the floor with comfortable clothing.

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Universal Energy transmitted by the professional imposing hands over the patient. Founded by Japanese Professor Mikao Usui, this alternative therapy aims at aligning our chakras to make our energy flow naturally.

Comprehensive Lymphatic Drainage

Excellent treatment for detoxifying, relieving, eliminating toxins and fluid retention helping to ease leg heaviness feeling.

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