Wyndham Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires - Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, CP 1670, Argentina

Parque de la Costa

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The most emblematic thematic park in South America with over 70 attractions including frenzy rollercoaster, games for children and for the whole family as well as a great range of live theatre shows. The address is 1506 Vivanco Street, Tigre.
Time schedule: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 11AM to 7PM.

How to get there: From Tigre Station going along Gral. B. Mitre Street, following the coastline of Tigre River, you turn right and walk one block.

Puerto de Frutos

Puerto de Frutos is one of the most famous areas for tourist visiting Tigre, on weekends thousands of people get there looping for all kind of typical Delta objects. It is located on km 30.5 of Lujan River, on the right margin, 150 meters again from Sarmiento River mouth and 8,2 km away from River Plate.
You may find all types of goods, such as wood, stones, fruits, vegetables, canes, rattan, reeds and other Delta products. You may also get on a boat or catamaran to enjoy various Delta tours. The address is Lujan River km 30.5. There are 3 (three) docks and a 2-mts depth by the dock.

  • Puerto de Frutos

How to get there: You may get there by car along Guareschi Street. Walking from Train Station, take Mitre Street to the end, then turn right and go across Tren de la Costa Station. Continue walking on the street following train tracks to Sarmiento Street, turn left and a few meters away you will find the entrance to Puerto de Frutos.

Tigre Casino

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Trilenium Casino is an entertainment center where you will be able to play in 1900 slots, 76 roulette tables, 7 food places and a theatre presenting shows in the first level. The address is 1385 Peru Street.

How to get there: Go along Cazón Avenue to Guareschi Street. Continue on this street until Roque Sáenz Peña and turn left to Sarmiento Street. Go along railroad crossing and, immediately, turn left and continue on Peru Street to Trilenium Casino sign.

Water Activities

You may enjoy the Delta on motorboats, catamarans, kayaks or rowing.
Water sports: wakeboard, kite surf, windsurf and water ski.
Ask our Concierge for further information. Press Concierge button on your phone.

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Temaiken Zoo

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Natural Park located in Belén de Escobar city and created to foster environmental issues awareness, amusing people and making them be in contact with nature. The address is Provincial Route 25, Belén de Escobar, Buenos Aires.

How to get there: 20 kms northwards on National Route N° 9.

Otamendi Natural Reserve

Located in Campana Area, Province of Buenos Aires, in the coastline of Parana de las Palmas River, Near Ing. Rómulo Otamendi town. It has an approximate surface area of 2.6 hundred hectares. Founded in 1990, Otamendi Natural Reserve has a great natural environment diversity: riverside forest, scrubland and Pampa pastures.

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How to get there: along National Route n° 9 to the North until you get to Rómulo Otamendi town (about 45 kms.).

Nordelta Golf Club

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Nordelta Golf Club provides Golf lovers with the chance of playing on a first level court, exclusively designed by prestigious ex player Jack Nicklaus, and relaxing in a natural framework with a seamless landscape.

Nordelta Club

Tennis-Soccer: it has seven illuminated tennis courts and a tennis school formed by highly trained professionals to develop tennis players of all ages. Besides, there are two baby-soccer courts for training.
Water Activities: You may enjoy individual or dual kayaking, rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, sniping, optimist and catamaran sailing. All activities have specialized instructors for each discipline.

  • Club Nordelta

Aerobic Activities: Nordelta Club offers the opportunity to practice Yoga, mix techniques, Tae-Bo, among others. Consult our Concierge available time schedules.
Mountain Bike and Running: We are located in the best place in Buenos Aires to practice outdoor activities enjoying a unique landscape. We recommend “Camino de los Remeros” circuit only 5 minutes away from our hotel.
Pilates: Consult our Concierge available time schedules and options.
Children Entertainment: You may leave your children in a Sports and Entertainment school Turing weekends where they will practice outdoor activities supervised by specialized teachers.

Euca Tigre

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Los invitamos, junto a sus familias y amigos, a jugar en la altura, seguros en nuestro Parque Aéreo , que les ofrece más de 105 juegos en altura, tirolesas, VértiGO (dispositivo de Caída Libre Controlada) y el Euca Mini, para los mas pequeños.
Euca es un Parque con la máxima seguridad para quienes lo jueguen y construído bajo las más estrictas normas europeas exigidas para esta actividad.
El Parque cuenta con la primera línea de vida continua SafeRoller (Suiza) instalada en la Argentina , donde a partir del inicio del juego y hasta que estés en el suelo nuevamente, no tenés posibilidad de soltarte.
Un sistema inteligente que te protege de cualquier caída.