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Event Rooms

You have the opportunity to connect your team in a unique scenario. Our rooms are located on the first floor of the hotel and are an exclusive space for work days, events, launches, congresses, training and others. With their different layouts, our spaces are ideal.

Bahia W Lounge

It consists of a main room that can be divided into two independent spaces, always adapting to the event to be performed.

 426 mt2  Auditorium: 450 paxs.   Banquet: 290 paxs. 

School: 150 paxs. Imperial: 40 paxs.   U Style: 40 paxs.


Deck Bay

One of our latest corporate incorporations that allows you to fusion the working day with a well-deserved rest.

 101 mt2  Auditorium: 60 paxs.   Banquet: 40 paxs.    

School: 42 paxs. Imperial: 36 paxs.   U Style: 30 paxs.

Tiger Hall

Hall located on our first floor, has private foyer for gastronomic services and is characterized by its brightness.

 88 mt2  Auditorium: 50 paxs.   Banquet: 40 paxs.    

School: 30 paxs. Imperial: 30 paxs.   U Style: 32 paxs.

Bay Club

It is characterized by its versatility of layout, natural light and a small outdoor sector ideal for breaks between days.

 135 mt2  Auditorium: 80 paxs.   Banquet: 60 paxs.    

School: 45 paxs. Imperial: 32 paxs.   U Style: 36 paxs.

Meeting Room

Our most practical option to get out routinary office days and promote ideas in a productive workshop in our spaces.

 49 mt2  Auditorium: 40 paxs   Banquet: 20 paxs.    

School: 15 paxs. Imperial: 14 paxs.   U Style: 15 paxs

Bay Terrace W

A relaxed space attached to our Bahía W. Lounge. Ideal for cocktail parties, gastronomic events, exhibitions of cars or products as well as an outdoor lounge area.

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Terrace Bay Deck

It is the ideal complement to our Bahía Deck room. An unparalleled view of the Bay and ideal space for after offices, outdoor activities, lounge area or more.

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Pool W

Give a spin to your corporate event in the outdoor area of ​​our W pool. An ideal space for brand activations, launches, recreational days and much more.

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